Walkins Enterprise CRM

Enables Teams,
Optimize Business,
Enhances Execution


Sales Automation and Acceleration

Enhance your sales force productivity

Walkins CRM Sales automation helps you manage your sales force, boost their sales productivity and measure
their effectiveness leaving you maximum time to focus upon just selling and increasing your revenue.

Increase Revenue By Improving Your Sales Force Productivity
  • Allocate right leads to sales personnel based on defined business rules
  • Empower sales person to leverage mobile app to improve his productivity by lead management, dashboards, geo fencing etc.
  • Define goals and measure sales force productivity on parameters like pipeline, revenue, orders, no. of calls, meetings, etc.
  • AI based notification systems will empower sales teams to plan their day, week, month and year based on the optimum route and highest productivity.
  • Leverage data science to identify parameters like sales trend of dealers’ vs area/region, comparison of sales with last quarter and year etc that make a sales person successful.
  • Get sales insights instantly in role-based dashboards
Manage Sales Success
  • Define processes to allocate leads and opportunities and their approvals. Define business rules to form the basis of auto allocation: High Value Leads, Location based leads, Channel based leads.
  • Validate and approve all leads and allocate them to sales success as early as possible for faster response time.
  • Set objective performance goals based on parameters like revenue, orders, pipeline, number of calls, meetings, distance travelled, etc. agreed and approved by the sales manager.
  • Entering or updating details of a lead or its opportunity can be done in a few clicks from mobile or desktop with single as well as bulk update.
Sales Success Actionable Insights
  • Sales forecast for realization should be tracked in real time dashboards and drill down reports
  • Role based dashboard for managers and individual salesperson, Sales opportunity analysis to show funnel of conversion, won or lost, with drill down details.
  • Sales success activity and efficiency analysis in terms of pipeline, revenue, interactions, activities. Induce sales success for effective gathering of granular data, Reward sales success that engages lead more effectively, build analytic on granular data as per the business requirements.
  • Enable users to generate and save their own insights from dashboards and drill downs. Build alerts and notifications on parameters crossing upper and lower thresholds.
  • Enable managers to take preventive and corrective measures proactively from sales insights.
  • Sales success productivity increases as work becomes more streamlined, prioritized and insights driven.

Marketing Automation and Acceleration

Walkins CRM Boost your marketing success and ROI

through our marketing enablers, actionable insights and automations

Customer Profiling
  • Know your customer to grow them, in today’s world the real success is in capturing tertiary data, engaging them and creating emotional connect with your brand.
  • Profile your customers through a variety of parameters, driven by analytics including demographics, behaviour, purchasing patterns, etc., to send targeted personalized campaigns.
  • Save, Send, Learn, and Optimize!
Campaign Management
  • Personalization is key to customer engagement.
  • Create segmented lists based on their properties, behaviour, activities, interests, to send personalized messages.
  • Increase your campaign ROI. Design, run and monitor campaigns across channels like email, social, and mobile.
  • Create various customer micro-segments based on demographics, behaviour, purchasing patterns, etc. to run targeted campaigns.
  • Improve your customer relationship through automatic responses related to personal and professional events, website visits, transactions, payments, activities, etc. Easy Touch Value!
Email, SMS & Social Media Marketing
  • Create professional emails and creative SMS that bring customers to your door.
  • Design, develop, plan and send value added marketing messages through templates and personalization.
  • Segment your leads and customers on-the-fly to send targeted personalized campaigns and optimize email and SMS content and frequency to increase read ratio.
  • Integrate social media and website keywords in your marketing strategy.
  • Use the single console to run the social media campaigns on all the platforms in one click.
  • Run brand awareness, lead generation and online shopping campaign separately.
Campaign ROI Effectiveness
  • What gets measured gets improved.
  • Improve campaign effectiveness and ROI through analysis and reporting.
  • Track a campaign for actions like delivered, opened, read, deleted, failed, etc. and rate your campaign for future reference.
  • Personalize and customize your own reports.
Recommendation Engine
  • Customers love the power to choose from options
  • Enabled our machine learning and predictive analytics tool to pinpoint leads and deals that have a higher propensity to WIN and intuitively informs the “Next Best Action” to take.
Data science driven marketing automation
  • Make Data Science an integral part of your marketing workflow
  • Leverage statistical modelling for micro segmentation of your customers based on their buying patterns, social behaviour, demographics, etc.
  • Predict customer action for product purchase, churn and refer
  • Use lead scoring statistical models to identify most likely to convert leads
  • Identify the factors leading to churn
  • Introduce reward programs and make your customer loyal and brand mascots.
Data science
Predict What To Sell And When
  • Engage your customers with personalized recommendations to sell more
  • Recommend right products based on profile and purchase history of your customers
  • Tell your customers what other products people like you have bought

Business Process Automation

Walkins CRM helps you in optimizing and automating business processes
to increase the efficiency of the employees of the organization.

Lots of organizations though large scale do so many tasks manually or with excel. Human intervention can cause delay or loss of information. Walkins CRM team, helps organizations identify recurring processes / tasks and help automate them to reduce human errors as well improve visibility. It is very important that there should be process or workflow automation as that will help organizations achieve higher efficiency as well increase overall productivity by completing entire processes with minimal human input.

Walkins CRM platform does that best

when it comes to finding and automating processes

The various processes
The various processes that can be automated are:
  • Sales Process Automation
  • Customer Data and Account management
  • Customer Service Automation
  • Customer / Channel partner Onboarding
  • Branding / Marketing efforts Tracking Automation
tasks performed
tasks performed by Walkins Team
  • Understand the current repetitive tasks
  • Understand Human Interventions for those tasks
  • Collect data sources for those tasks
  • Understand policies and procedures
  • Find the business process optimization goals and ROI
  • Identify low hanging fruits and optimize them
  • Workflow Implementation if any.
  • Optimize the long term tasks using automation with technology
  • Implement customer service

If you want to ensure that your implementation is efficient and effective,
come and work with an expert – like us.
We help businesses scale new highs of efficiency and productivity
through custom CRM workflows including automation and analytics.

Our Expertise

CRM Implementation

Every business has customer as its first priority because they not only help grow your business but they are also eyes, ears and mouth of your business . The customer needs, their feedback and satisfaction will help to thrive in your business. In the customer driven world enabling a CRM system is must to manage your customers. The purpose is to improve customer relationships, find the customer perspective and adapt to rapidly evolving customer needs and concerns.

Custom Development and Integrations

Every business has its unique requirement when it comes to customer management. The LOMOSO team help you by understanding your critical goals and development needs for CRM. Whether it’s MIS or customer life cycle or marketing needs, LOMOSO engineers can help quickly customize your requirements in Walkins as well implement a custom solution to integrate with your existing IT systems. We help you fulfill your ambitious goals and help you to obtain measurable business outcomes with Walkins CRM.

Business Process transformation
through technology

Every business needs to improve their organization efficiency as well optimize business processes. The LOMOSO team helps organizations automate processes through technology. This will result in implementing a platform for single source of information, eliminate non value adding processes and bottlenecks, automate customer lifecycle for acquisition, as well ease of communication. Whether its digitizing marketing or sales process our approach of research, understanding and optimization help any business in digitization.

CRM Management Services
through Technology

No business would like to miss any sales opportunity. The LOMOSO team manages all your CRM needs such as marketing with channel partners, surveys and customer feedback, training of customers, understanding business trends and helping with new schemes / models for channel partners. We help build emotional connect between organization and your channel partner/customers with a specialized reward program, personalized campaigns, market research and insights to make business decisions easily.

Dynamic Dashboards & Reports


Sales Challenges

With changing technology & an everyday evolving market, ‘selling right’ is the core of every business

Excel Dependency

Managing sales pipeline, team
tracking, performance, campaign success, customer satisfaction etc with just an excel is too much to do!

Decentralized Data

If your data is decentralised,
defining the business metrics &
accurate actionables will be a
highly cumbersome task.

Fostering Change

Are your business strategies as
per changing market trends? Is
your excel Data and analytics,
insight enough about your business & customer?

Challenges without Integrated System

Are you getting real time information & insights about your business or you have to wait for the W-O-W & M-O-M data ?

Lack of Automations

Does your business have auto
notifications, reward systems,
multilingual communication
channels based on the analytics, is it driven by AI ?

Benefits of CRM

  • Targeted Marketing – Reduced marketing expenses
  • Across channel campaign advantage – Email, SMS, In-App, Social Media, etc.
  • Strong master data management capabilities
  • Increased sales productivity
  • Increased referrals and qualified leads – closure at reduced expenses
  • Higher revenue per customers through effective cross selling and up-selling
  • Managing partner’s profitability
  • Timely rewards – higher engagement
  • Better insights – Builds trust and transparency
  • Higher customer retention and loyalty
  • Personalised and customised service and support